Welcome Teresita Maxey to Mustard Seed

We are happy to announce our newly hired Clinically Licensed Social Worker, Teresita Maxey. She is a recent graduate from the NC A&T State University and UNC Greensboro Joint Program in Social Work. As the clinical social worker for Mustard Seed Community Health Clinic, she will have the responsibility of being a community therapist, community outreach case manager, and as the supervisor for the social work interns. Her style of therapy is to be inclusive and accepting of all patients. Her goal when helping others is to help them get to a point where they can manage daily living. If they can get by day to day, they can continue overcoming obstacles. One way she does this is by connecting them with resources that can guide them through. 

Teresita is originally from Cuba and moved to the States when she was 7 years old.  She grew up in Miami, Florida, where she met her husband, they have been married since 2001. From her marriage, she has three beautiful children, two boys, and one girl. If she could be anywhere in the world, she would choose Miami to be close to family. Along with her MSW, she also has a Master’s in Peace and Conflict which brought her to her current fulfillment in life. She enjoys gardening and is blessed to have a green thumb. She also enjoys family time and crocheting, it helps her stay balanced. One of her philosophies in life is that, once a person finds acceptance within themselves, they can begin to live authentically and with vulnerability. That is why she would title her autobiography “Always- the Best Way to Live Life is Authentic”

Teresita has known about Mustard Seed for a while now, she originally interviewed for the social work internship in 2018. She knew Mustard Seed was in the middle of the community they are serving which she loves. She believes that in order to build a strong relationship with a community and have a long term impact, you must actually know and understand the community. This builds trust both ways if they see the organization in the community and constantly helping the people, the relationship will grow stronger. The stronger the relationship, the more support for both parties starting a positive domino effect.

We are excited to have Teresita, she is someone whose goal is to appreciate every day we have on earth. Finding appreciation in the small things in life. We want to welcome Teresita Maxey to the Mustard Seed Family and we cannot wait to see the good work you would do within the organization and community.

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