Sowing Seeds Rodeo flyer for Spring 2021

Sowing Seeds Rodeo

Our very own Beth McKee-Huger was able to recap and highlight Mustard Seed Community Health’s history of sowing seeds in the Greensboro area. SInce 2016, Mustard Seed has been empowering the community with good health. Dr. Beth Mulberry works endlessly to go beyond the traditional healthcare provider. She had the faith of a mustard seed and believed in holistic healthcare. 

Recently, Mustard Seed worked to assist a family who could have possibly faced eviction, exposure of COVID-19, an elderly mother with dementia almost sent to a group home, and a daughter away who could not help. Dr. Beth Mulberry worked with the team to make sure this family can regroup instead of being separated even more. We are grateful to have a physician and team who are eager to help the community beyond the traditions. To read more, visit Beth McKee-Huger’s article here.

Sowing seeds is what we do! That is why we encourage everyone to come out Saturday, May 8th at the Revolution Mill. Mustard Seed Community Health and Greater Greensboro Society of Medicine Alliance is partnering to host the first ever Sowing Seeds Rodeo! This family event will feature food trucks, a flower market, music, and more! This charitable event will help Mustard Seed to continue sowing seeds in the Greensboro community. Want to become a sponsor? Click here to become a sponsor and be recognized during the event. Come out and enjoy the outside while following CDC guidelines. Do not forget your blanket and chair to enjoy the entertainment.