COVID-19 Vaccine at Mustard Seed!

Attention East Greensboro! We are now almost one year with COVID-19 and we have vaccines shown to slow down the spread. Mustard Seed Community Health Clinic is now one of the locations in Greensboro offering the COVID-19 vaccine. Currently, only a select few Greensboro qualify for this vaccine. Visit to see if you qualify OR give us a call at 336-402-8254

There is limited availability for the vaccine, so please move fast if you qualify! Remember this vaccine is a way to show care for yourself and for everyone around you. Continue practicing social distancing, wear your masks, and wash your hands. #strongertogether #greensboro #gso

On Friday, February 26th, Mustard Seed Community Health Clinic received the approval to begin giving the COVID-19 vaccination to qualified residents in the Greensboro area. Starting Monday, March 1st, Mustard Seed we began by vaccinating almost 100 community residents.  

If you would like to support this much needed work, please consider a donation of any amount at