Our Services

All of us are committed to ensuring every Mustard Seed Community Health patient receives the best quality care for health concerns from routine preventive care to urgent care for acute illnesses and continuity care for chronic diseases. By treating each individual with superior medical care and personal compassion, we want to do our part to create and maintain a healthy community.

Basic information about the services we offer is below; however, if you have any questions about routine or specialty services, fees, or appointment availability, please call us for more details.

High Quality, Reliable Medical Services

Among other services, we offer:

  • Complete physical exams for adults and adolescents, with routine screening for STDs, HIV, and chronic viral hepatitis (B & C)
  • Complete physical exams for children: sports physicals, well-child exams, routine immunizations
  • Continuity care for chronic disease such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, seizure disorders, and asthma
  • Basic urgent medical care for health concerns such as acute illnesses, cuts and burns, fractures, and other medical issues needing prompt attention
  • Screening and treatment of anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder including referral to local specialized behavioral health providers
  • Basic and preventive dental care to be added by Year 3 of operation

Specialty Medical Services

Specialty services are provided by referral through the Guilford Community Care Network (GCCN) for those with the GCCN orange card. Those with medical insurance will be referred according to their insurance coverage.

Our Fees

Although Mustard Seed Community Health’s primary effort is to provide care to those in our community who cannot afford medical insurance, any Guilford County resident of any age will be accepted for care (private insurance, Medicaid,
and Medicare).

  • Patients who have Guilford County Care Network (GCCN) Orange Cards will be charged according to their sliding scale fee
  • Those with medical insurance will be charged according to their insurance coverage
  • Patients not meeting the criteria for the GCCN orange card and without any medical coverage will be charged using the GCCN orange card fee scale