Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the questions we are asked most often. If you need immediate assistance or do not find your answer here, please contact the clinic at (336) 763-0814.

Thank you!

Q: Where is Mustard Seed Community Health?

A: The health center is located at 238 S. English Street, in the Cottage Grove neighborhood. The name is appropriate: the tiny mustard seed puts down roots and grows into a significant plant—and faith the size of a mustard seeds can move mountains.

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Q: What services does Mustard Seed provide?

A: As a medical home, we integrate primary medical care and behavioral health for children and adults, providing physical exams, vaccinations, treatment of chronic illnesses (high blood pressure, diabetes), play therapy for children, group and individual therapy, and referrals to specialists.

Q: Who can receive health care at Mustard Seed?

A: Anyone in the community surrounding the health center, and people anywhere in Guilford County without insurance living at less than 200% of the federal poverty level. Dr. Mulberry is board-certified in pediatrics and internal medicine; Natosha Knight LCSW is fluent in Spanish. We welcome patients of all languages; please bring an interpreter.

Q: How can I make an appointment?

A: Call our front desk specialists at 336-763-0814. Para español, favor de llamar miércoles después de las 2:00 o todo el día los jueves y viernes. Clinic is open until 7:00 pm on Wednesdays for late appointments.

Q: What makes Mustard Seed unique?

A: We take extra steps to look at the individual, family, and neighborhood to help people face the barriers to good health. Lack of healthy food? Vegetables from the community garden. Stress from family members with mental illness? Counseling. Mobility issues? Chair exercises. Isolation? Group activities, even when group members don’t know each other’s languages. Fear of crime? Neighborhood association partnership with community policing. Leaking roof? Referrals for repairs or advocacy with landlord. Unemployment? Referral to GED and computer classes next door. The model works through teamwork.

Q: What insurance does Mustard Seed accept?

A: We accept all insurance plans for people in the community around the clinic (Medicaid, Medicare, private plans). Those without insurance are screened for eligibility for the “Orange Card” program through Guilford Community Care Network that sets the sliding scale fee for medical services, lab work, and medications; most of our patients are uninsured, paying $20 per visit and $5 per lab.

Q: How does Mustard Seed get paid for the rest of patient expenses?

A: We rely on donations and grants to pay for the majority of the expenses.

Q: How can I contribute to health care for people without insurance?

A: Contributions to Mustard Seed are tax deductible. You can send a check to Mustard Seed Community Health, 238 S. English St, Greensboro NC 27401 or can give online. Become a sustaining monthly donor and get a Mustard Seed T-shirt and tell others how to support health!